Taking advantage of the capabilities offered by biology and the enormous potential of nanotechnology, in a context of convergence, a promising scenario which adopts the name of bio-nanotechnology is being constructed. In this scenario solutions of great impact and sustainability to address the environmental and energy problems can be proposed and developed.

This book  contains  contributions by experts from FEALAC member countries on energy and environment from the opportunities offered by bio and nanotechnology,  within the framework of the Cbionano-Fealac  initiative

This book was edited by  Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas Físicas y Naturales & NanoCiTec.

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Nanocosmos Architecture


Nanocosmos Architecture is a journey inside matter to explore the fascination of form, composition and size.The privilege provided by the valuable instrumental endowment that we have received from the XX century, allows us to move toward a scale that offers a wonderful universe of forms and processes with a “reality” sensitive to its surroundings and architecture. Admire the complexity of the network of interconnections between atoms, molecules and particles that harmonize in the collectivity, to deliver an endless world of possibilities that feed the creativity.We are learning from nature and its diversity, lessons that will carry us to conquer the states of self-organizing, replicating and self-assembling. This allows us to access the domains of the design and construction of the matter from a scale that is creating a trend in the new era of nanoscience and nanotechnology.We hope our readers enjoy the material printed in this book as much as we have enjoyed the journey that we embarked to produce and collect these snapshots of the nanocosmos architecture and translate them into the language of image and color.


La ciencia de coloides ha fascinado a físicos, matemáticos,
biólogos e ingenieros desde hace más de un siglo. En 1913,
Ostwald al abordar la naturaleza de los sólidos diminutos
suspendidos en líquidos y carentes de resolución
microscópica, se refería a la ciencia de la dimensión olvidada,
la dimensión cero. Casi 100 años más tarde, los coloides
han cambiado de nombre –nanopartículas- y han pasado
de ser la ciencia de la dimensión desconocida a probablemente
el mayor pilar de la revolución contemporánea en
nanociencia y nanotecnología.

ISSN: 978-958-46-6931-5

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