International cooperation in nanotechnology and biotechnology to address the energy and environmental challenges

In this study, the role of bio and nanotechnology and their convergence to resolve the problems of contamination by heavy metals and sustainable energy production in the context of cooperation opportunities in research and development between FEALAC countries was performed.


Montenegro, I.; González, E.; Botero, M.  Opportunities for Joint Cooperation in R&D for FEALAC Countries: On Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.  STI Policy Review. 7(2016)106.



Taking advantage of the capabilities offered by biology and the enormous potential of nanotechnology, in a context of convergence, a promising scenario which adopts the name of bio-nanotechnology is being constructed. In this scenario solutions of great impact and sustainability to address the environmental and energy problems can be proposed and developed.

This book was edited by  Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas Físicas y Naturales & NanoCiTec.

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