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Octavio Paz


A Journey Inside the Matter

Color architecture

The exhibition is based on the book: Nanocosmos Architecture, published by Nanocitec, which traces a journey inside the matter recreated through the window of science and art. The images that make up this experience were taken with a Transmission Electron Microscope. The exhibition shows among other things, as the color that exhibits matter at the nanoscale depends among other aspects of shape and size. The color of nanoscopic pieces of matter is different if these pieces are cubic, spherical or cylindrical. The architecture of the matter determines the behavior at these scales. The first exhibition was organized by the Geophysical Institute, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Nanocitec.

  Sin-título 2

Exhibition: A Journey inside the Matter. © NanoCiTec


Color Architecture. © NanoCiTec

Triangular silver nanoparticlformaes of 50 nanometers edge individually exhibit a red color, but when they are placed  in a colloidal dispersion the color displayed is blue. The same triangular nanoparticles but  truncated in the tips, exhibit individually a orange color, although in colloidal dispersion their color is violet. © NanoCiTec.



Visible Espectrum, Stellar Clusters

Jéssica Ángel, Mauricio Bejarano, Laura Criollo, et al.
Colectivo Reactante

Experimental installation with three components: Photographs of the book  “Nanocosmos Architecture”, drawings of evolution of the Universe and transmutations. This exhibition was realized in the Bogotá’s Planetarium. 


Art and Science: Dialogs and Differences

Museum of Fine Arts

José Ignacio Herrera

Exhibition Art and Science: Dialogs and Differences, which originates from a group of photographs that gather the observations from the behavior of nanomaterials published in the book Nanocosmos Architecture


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